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Akaal Akhand Jyoti

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 The GIBMA Kriya - Constitution of Concept 

The GIBMA Kriya is a gateway to cosmic connection awakening, mind remapping, rewriting destiny, improving oneself, increasing focus, empowering armour of safety, transforming public awareness to preparedness, healing root cause of road accident deaths, fostering a culture of conscious community and creating masters of self-control in an out of control world & making entitled to win a cash prize of Rs. 1 crore thru a lucky dip.

Every day over 500 families in India are receiving dead bodies of their loved ones because of road accident deaths which is manmade disaster.


The riskiest thing we are doing is maintaining this status quo of increasing road crash death, and one day we too will become its prey. It is important to understand that the status quo of this increasing road accident deaths is inevitable.


Taking action to prevent a disaster is called humans and living life with waking consciousness, while waiting for the disaster to occur and then taking action is called inhuman and living life with dormant consciousness.


Stones have dormant consciousness, vegetation has 25%, animals have 50%  and humans have 100% consciousness but majority of humans are leading a life with dormant consciousness and deceiving themselves.


Road users pay full attention while learning a vehicle driving because of the risk of accident and after learning they pay divided attention with the misapprehension of no risk of accident. But there is a always a risk of accidental suicide when on roads.


People know what is right but they have taken their mistakes for granted and are repeating them. Research says all road users fall into either of the two categories.


1. Who claim they are well experienced road users.

2. Who blame others for daily road accident deaths.

 By doing so all are putting a deadlock on their self-improvement and increasing the road accident deaths. 


Obtaining license is the goal of road users to take advantage of public roads as amusement parks, while the license is just a permission to drive on public roads while adhering to road traffic laws.


The current mindset is the root cause of road accident deaths that must be remapped. There is no challenge more challenging than the challenge to improve your-self.

Mother India Care promotes GIBMA Kriya for transforming public awareness into preparedness and mind remapping to fix the root cause of daily road accident deaths. GIBMA Kriya is 4 step process, burning kriya, neutrality kriya, sowing kriya and caring kriya.

GIBMA Kriya involves anticipatory gratitude meditation followed by 4P technique, which is a combination of spirituality and science and is verified by Global Wisdom Research.

Meditate through waking consciousness and if your mind is shifting to another task from the task in hand, then tell that mind the consequences and be on the right track or use the special technique via GIBMA Kriya to maintain focus on the in hand ask.

GIBMA Kriya also involves brain and DNA programming to strengthen intelligence and also to awaken cosmic connection to identify the safety messages sent by the cosmos in the event of any distress situation.


The main purpose  of GIBMA Kriya is to form a new habit of gratitude meditation and  to store superscript in the subconscious via writing and breathing process to get a desired output. .


The contents of the superscript have been constituted on the science of psychology covering entire road safety measures, so as to provide, better sense of safety. To involve all road users and create a lasting change, we are presenting GIBMA Kriya as a challenge to become wiser and better..

Law of sowing and reaping is, you reap more than what you have sown. Remember that when you sow a seed of violation of road traffic rules, the harvest includes not only fines but also accidental suicides. 

So must recheck carefully with waking conscious what are you sowing. Hence, you must double-check carefully with waking consciousness what you are sowing.

People come forward to do GIBMA Kriya after getting the road traffic injury but they must do to prevent road traffic injuries. Advise after injury is like a medicine after death because it is least headed when most needed.


There is no match between darkness and light, but light must be active because in the absence of light darkness is automatic. There is no match between accident and prevention, but prevention must be active because in the absence of prevention accident is automatic.


There is no match between dormant consciousness and waking consciousness, but waking consciousness must be active, because in the absence  of waking consciousness the dormant consciousness is automatic.


Every day we face new and different situations on the road and we manage them as per our options which no institution teaches. Choosing the right option to handle new situations can prevent road accidents, while choosing the wrong option will result in road accidents. GIBMA Kriya empowers to choose the right option.


Roads are deadlier than pandemic, and if you do GIBMA Kriya and maintain waking consciousness then roads are kinder. Do the GIBMA Kriya and become a master of self-control in an out of control world. 


On 26the November 2023 the eve of constitution day of India and foundation day of Mother India Care, is going to launch Akaal Akhand Jyothi, which will keep lighting up 24/7 till eternity and desi ghee will be used for this sacred light.


This Akaal Akhand  Jyothi, the sacred light will remind the world to live life with waking consciousness and will be travel via special Van across the globe to spread the power of positive energy, empower waking consciousness.


It is imperative that all road users accept the challenge and have their minds remapped through GIBMA Kriya to achieve 360 degree reversal in road accident deaths in India by 2030.


Accept the national dare of mother India Care for self-improvement and be a part of the solution. If you are not a part of solution, you are a part of the problem. The doers of GIBMA Kriya will also have an opportunity to win rupees one crore through a lucky dip.


Call for solidarity to do the GIBMA Kriya and together let us make combined and powerful effort to fix the root cause of road accident deaths the way we handled the pandemic by making sure no one is left behind.


People who have done GIBMA Kriya are living their life with waking consciousness and are member of conscious community club. To foster a culture of conscious community, we mobilize actions, count on every individual action, and make every action count on national action map.

Do the GIBMA Kriya and be a genius road user. Encourage others to do the GIBMA Kriya and be a road safety superhero and also open up your third eye your waking consciousness and prevent self deception.

By doing the GIBMA Kriya and taking care of planted seeds, road users will be supercharged, more focused and self-disciplined on roads.  Self disciplined road may be hard, but its results are priceless.

Click here to accept the National Dare of Mother India Care to do the GIBMA Kriya

 GIBMA Kriya - Fostering Culture of Conscious Community 
 People have stated accepting the National Dare of Mother India care - The Conscious Community Club Members 
 Akaal Akhand Jyothi - Lighting up 24/7 till Eternity  
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