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 Era 2 Era Reforms - For A Greener World - Rewrite Destiny - Flip the Script 2 Flip the Result - Green Roads - Green Living - Green Economy 

A - The Introduction

A-1.1: The pandemic has changed our life and world, it has ruined our health, our occupation, our economy and our future very badly. The pandemic has revealed inequity and marginalization on a wide range of issues. We are lacking the right frame of mind, behaviour and actions to manage and handle the current situation.  We have unsafe roads, unsafe environment, unsafe economy and unsafe future.

A-1.1: With the strong determination and stronger will power we have to reverse it and bring back our earlier world. We must rewrite destiny, rewire, recondition and reset the brain to ensure we take appropriate actions to achieve the desired outcome. Together we can make powerful efforts to transform a biggest change for a better future and greener world.

A-1.1: United Nations has given a global call to act on 17 Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs. United we win and divided we fall. The corona has given us a valuable lesson, income must come if you are under lockdown.   

B - The Objective

B-1.1: In support of United Nations SDGs, Mother India Care - MIC has conceptualized  a signature initiative Era to Era Reforms for a greener world to rewrite destiny with  5 F Matrix (Flip the script - Flip the mindset - Flip the action - Flip the focus - Flip the destiny) by tying it to a specific individual and also common SMART goals - CSGs. 

B-1.2: The reformatory 5F Matrix concept is aimed to involve every individual of 1.4 billion Indian populations and 100 million plus GW Jobs creation to achieve CSGs of green roads, green living and green economy for a greener world. The CSGs are constituted on the principle of law of attraction and aimed to flip power to peace and poverty to prosperity. The action and behavior of all our working associates and also all users/consumers who are tied up with specific individual and CSGs will be monitored and assessed and their ranking record will be maintained by us with premium options.

B-1.3: The 100Million GW Jobs creation has been done in 5 batches (100K jobs in first bath, 200K jobs in 2nd batch, 300K jobs in 3rd batch, 400K jobs in 4th batch and 99Million jobs in 5th Batch). The first batch will have integrated impact on Green roads and green economy, 2nd batch will have integrated impact on green living and green economy and 3rd, 4th & 5th batch will have impact on green economy and that development will balance social, economic and environmental sustainability.

B-1.4: Based on law of attraction of psychology the script of 3 wise monkeys see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil  have been flipped and redefined by MIC. The 6  wise monkeys of MIC convey the flipped and redefined script, see only good, speak only good, hear only good, think only good, do only good and be only good.

B-1.5: Right now the enrollments of 1st batch of 100K GW jobs are going on.  Our research and planning team is working on to offer next batch GW jobs and also to create more GW jobs. The 2030 agenda is to have road carnage free India, eco-friendly India and economically prosper India.

The employment beneficiaries are the warrior of nation the change makers and the ground breakers. .

 Green Roads - Green Living - Green Economy - Act For Common Smart Goals #Act4CSGs 

 Rewriting The Destiny - Flip The Script To Flip The Result 

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