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Please do not pay any money to any unauthorized person or our authorized person for getting a job at Mother India Care, we can not be held responsible for such dealing.

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Of Blessings & Money
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Thrive in 2022

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 Save Yourself From Yourself - खुद को खुद से बचाएं 

Hard tasks are hard to do but easy to live with. Easy tasks are easy to do but hard to live with. Spirituality and science has confirmed this that human mind is blind and we bindly trust our mind. Our blind mind is pulling us for easy tasks and we are unaware with the fact that we have been trapped in self deception pattern because of the blindness of our mind. Consequently we are facing accidental suicide and we are also committing planned suicide for various reasons.

Our mind is still like a child. How parents constantly observe their children so that they should not do any wrong activity. The synonym of Life is Struggle and not comfort. Every individual must understand and accept this and those who understood  and accepted this have become extraordinary.

Because of our old habits the mind always pulls you in the comfort zone, and encourage you to prefer easy tasks over hard task,  prefer convenience over inconvenience and always looking for instant rewards and instant gratification. Mind is not letting you to focus on one task continuously for 5 minutes on one task and pulling you to enjoy the taste of senses and and also to stay in comfort for maximum time.


The one who understood this and made habit of focussing for minutes at one task became billioniare and those who did not understand this they remain poor. Because to remain poor you have to do nothing, but to remain rich you have to do extra else you will be fallen in the SSCW Cycle of Life which is always going on.


Remember our mind is blind, it drags you and pulls you in the same pit again and again knowingly that pit is making you weak. The crooked mind always deliberately pulls us into the pit that is harmful to us and always pushes us away from things that are beneficial to us. So you have to be very careful and check the outcome, and show that mind the outcome and reallity of where it is dragging you. Unconscious mind is dragging you in the same pit of comfort gym beccause of our old habits and old means this life, past life and past births.

Mother India Care has designed a special mechanism of GIBMA Kriya wherein you can save yourself from yourself, the destructive behaviour. Our Future Changemakers are presenting Natiuonal Dare of Mother India Care to save yourself by yourself in various domains, such as education, health, career & relationship and road safety.

Accept the National Dare save yourself and encourage others to be a part of the National Movement, be a part of solution to achieve 360 degree reversal in road accident deaths in India by 2030.

Call For Action. Save Yourself From Yourself thru GIBMA Kriya

Join the national movement and show the solidarity. Jai Hind

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