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Please do not pay any money to any unauthorized person or our authorized person for getting a job at Mother India Care, we can not be held responsible for such dealing.

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 Adopt A Village India - Be an Economy Warrior 

Life was always tough for the under-served sections of our society and now it's become critical. The weaker sections of the society is in need of help and struggling for survival. Unemployement is at its peak because pandemic situation has forced middle class people to poverty. Our Rural areas are facing extreme poverty and people are not able to get proper food. Mother India Care has taken up a task of Transforming Rural Development TRD and designed a national project namely "Adopt A Village India" - AAVI. We survey and identify villages and set a developmental milestone for transforming rural development TRD. We invite philanthropists to participate and extend their contribution to achieve the set milestone of specific adopted village.


Adopt a Village India – AAVI,  transforming rural development, an integrated project with a holistic and sustainable development model that provides children with educational opportunities, occupation to youth, and it lifts communities out of poverty.

AAVI extends its support to marginalized indigenous communities that have been traditionally overlooked by any sort of support and aid.

AVVI innovative development model identifies various circumstances in children’s environments that prevent them from attaining education and from leading healthy, sustainable lives. 

Adopt a Village India – AAVI a reformatory project is moving forward on five main areas of focus: Education, Clean Water and Sanitation, Health, Alternative Income, and Agriculture and Food Security.

AAVI  is striving to provide opportunities in agriculture to benefit children and communities. AAVI is an integrated, well organized, innovative and scalable project which is headed by Dr. Jyotsna Singh (Psychologist - and a social reformer) and expanding its adoption network  across India.


Read more stories how AAVI is transforming rural development in India

The sweet Sopt of AAVI when the developmental milestone is reached.

AAVI Banner Village - Before & After Transformation

Join AAVI by visiting our adopted village page 

Learn More How you can get involved in transforming rural development by adopting a village..

Area of Concern

India cannot transform its economy unless the rural economy develops. Therefore, rural economy has to play an important role in the growth and development of India. Unfortunately, the trends are the opposite.

In 26 states across India and especially in rural India primary-school-aged children do not attend school because of numerous barriers. Children, especially girls, are kept at home to take care of their siblings or to collect water for the family, some children are engaged in child labor, and some live far from school. People are not able to earn even Rs. 10/- a day and or not able to have proper food daily and are starving. Their are many villages where no electricity, no toilets and females has to go out in the open field. 20% households do not have toilets. People walk miles to get the clean water and also for medical treatment using mud roads. In rainy season the these mud roads becomes a major challenge for villagers. 


Solution & Impact:

AAVI have a strong belief that education provides the highest return of any social investment. Adopt a Village is a holistic, sustainable, community-driven model that addresses the issues of education and poverty through empowerment. The project emphasizes community input and involvement to facilitate community ownership and long-term sustainability.  We are also conducting research with our research partner organization to understand the root causes and challenges of development in rural India and their regional variations and help in designing effective solutions.


How AAVI Works

To maintain the quality and integrity of AAVI Project  employs permanent staff on the ground to monitor and evaluate community progress. AAVI works with local village panchayat, and community leaders to ensure the sustainability of all components of the integrated program.


In the next ten years AAVI plans to transform rural India by implementing the Adopt a Village program with the initiative of  improving education standard in rural India.  


The AAVI integrated project would expand opportunities by building and promoting vocational training centers for young people to provide occupation to needy.


AAVI is endeavoring to provide more nutritious lunches for students and increase the number of vegetable fields and nurseries. AAVI integrated project has launched a number of fundraising initiatives working with several dedicated corporate partners and engaging with local individuals and supporters who fundraise for the AAVI’s integrated project. AVVI project and its implementation, monitoring and evaluation  process is strategically designed. We provide impact analysis report before and after the village adoption. 


We identify community needs and future growth opportunities and undertake outreach activities. We  work closely with the gram panchayat and communities to ensure the sustainable development for a greater impact and transformation. Many Villages are not having basic amenities and need development

Make a monthly commitment for a year or yearly commitment which goes to transforming rural development of AAVI projects in your adopted village. Build a true  relationship with your adopted village through our regular updates, AAVI partners Trips and actual live video conversations. Celebrate with your adopted village as they reach TRD milestones !

Sound great ? It is ! We are passionate about directly connecting people with villages across India. We provide the opportunity to visit the adopted village through our partner trips. Rural India is the real India. Adopt a village and get the most prestigious Bharat Backbone Award

Village Adoption Options:

You select your area of Interest to adopt a village and click here to send us your Expression of Interest.

Join our philanthropists netwrok to adopt a village at Rs. 1000/- per month (or more depending on your capacity) with a commitment of one year. Choose village directly from our list of identified villages.

Or... wholly adopt a village of your choice from our identified villages list as an individual, group and corporate.  When you spend money to buy a gift of affection for your near and dear one and your loved one is happy to receive it and it means that you buy and collect happiness and feel the excitement of happiness. Similarly, when you spend money to help the underprivileged, you will feel happy and we ensure that your spend reaches the beneficiary of your choice.

We request all individual and corporate as per the capacity and option do contribute for the no. of units of CARE BOND (The Gift of Affection) of NCCA Fund, and dedicate it to the village you adopted or the cause you care most. All contribution are eligible for tax exemption under section 80G of Income tax.

Click here........ to view the list of indentified villages for adoption and the set milestone. You can click on the below button as per your option to extend your contribution .to adopt a village.


 Dr. Jyotsna Singh - at Block Development Office addressing group of village Sarpanch - Rajasthan state 

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