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 Press Note - November 2020 

Press Release 11.11.2020

Issues of Road Users & Possible Solutions
Vision & Mission of Mother India Care

Virtual Press Conference For Road Users Issues and also for the possible solutions was conducted on 11.11.2020. The main purpose of this virtual press conference was to Commemorate United Road Safety Carnival from world day remembrance for road traffic victims to world road safety oath day i.e. on the eve of Indian Constitution Day. During the carnival, the road users issues will be sought,  and ways of the possible solutions would be worked upon, and same would be incorporated in the Decade Action Plan 2021-2030, a comprehensive project on national road safety strategy for a noble goal of Zero death and no serious injury by road crash in India by the year end 2030.

The Press conference main spokesperson was World Youngest Anchor-Editor Miss Kiara Mittal, who is also a National Road Safety Ambassador.

The conference was anchored by Ms. Atamjeet Kaur who is educationist by profession and also Road Safety Ambassador For Punjab State. The other spokespersons were Dr. Jyotsna Singh (Psychologists) and also a Road Safety Ambassador For Maharashtra State, and also Dr. Karishma Mani, Anchor-Actress and more than 15 world record holder and also Road Safety Ambassador For Gujarat State.

United Nations has declared the years 2021-2030 as the new decade of action for road safety.

Mother India Care is going to adopt the decade of action plan 2021-2030, a comprehensive project on national road safety with a vision zero goal on the eve of  Adoption Day of Indian Constitution (26th Nov 2020) which also an inception day of Mother India Care. Mother India Care will be commemorating World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. The virtual ceremony is scheduled for Sunday, 15th November 2020 (3rd Sunday of November month of every year has been endorsed by United Nations) from 04.30 pm to 06.00 pm. The Founder President of Mother India care has made an appeal to all the citizens of India to light a RIP candle by 6.00 pm  to pay a tribute to all those who died in road crash, and also to make a wish for a safe and peaceful decade ahead. The virtual event will have webinar on road safety (participated by various dignitaries),  awards ceremony, and also a RIP Candle Light Ceremony.

This year the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims (WoDR) will be commemorated from global action to global remembrance across the decade 2021-2030 with a theme “Remember-Support-Act”.

On the eve Indian Constitution Day, the 6th anniversary of Mother India care, and also the death anniversary of the father of the founder of Mother India Care (who died unattended at road side after a road crash and no one came forward to help him for 4 hours) will be celebrated by conferring of awards ceremony to exceptional individuals who have contributed to society with their distinguished service and achievements.

Road Safety is a common responsibility of all road users. In India the Mother India care has also decided that the next year on the eve of Republic Day (Indian Constitution implementation Day) an event should be commemorated by implementing the  Decade of Action Plan 2021-2030, a comprehensive project on national road safety , for a noble goal of #Zero Death & No serious injury by road crash in India.

If we want to bring a biggest change (from 360 to 0 deaths by road crash in India everyday) all  it depends how many people are supporting and pushing for it. In any battlefront if we give preference to convenience, disaster occurs. Roads are deadlier than pandemic as these are killing many lives everyday in road accidents. We are battling with this road carnage and roads are the battlefront and road users should not prefer convenience when on roads (battlefront).  The decade action plan 2021-2030 can be seen by visiting the landing page after clicking here for the same..

We are fighting with COVID-19 Virus and another deadly and bloody Virus i.e. Bad Road Sense – BRS Virus is waiting for us on roads to infect us. The best ways to prevent the infection of BRS-Virus is to adopt Road Safety oath and follow it, and this is a part of decade action plan 2021-2030.

India is paying tribute to all those who died in road crash. The life after a road crash is very miserable. If we go and see the family members of the deceased, wounded, and also their loved ones and their need to find a new compass in this difficult path ahead of them.

The carnival will be started on 15th Nov 2020 virtually and the closing ceremony will be organized on 26th Nov 2020. The road users will be adopting online road safety oath will be adopted dedicated to the noble goal of Decade of Action 2021-2030 commitment. The RIP candles shall be lighted up to pay tribute and also a conferring of awards ceremony to honour exceptional individuals. A panel of special guests and speakers shall join in the valedictory speech session for the decade 2011-2020 and also introductory cum commitment session of the coming decade 2021 to 2030. The press release shall be issued on 16th Nov 2020 after the event.

The Decade of Action Plan (DOAP) 2021-2030 hopes to achieve a noble goal of zero death and no serious injury by road crash in India and set a yearly target of 50 percent decrease of road deaths and injuries every  year after year till 2030.

We need media support to increase our reach across India and media should make a road safety a topic of debate on regular basis. All key stakeholders should come forward and take up the responsibility as per their capacity, and perform to improve road safety standards. Corporate should make their employees to adopt road safety oath and also insist them to take road safety assessment test. The 30 points constitution of road safety oath is the most powerful and effective tool to achieve the vision zero goal. The 26th November day is being marked as World Road Safety Oath Day and it will be celebrated every year.

Kids are the future of India and they are coming forward to make safer roads for their safe future. Government has increased the fine amount payable against the traffic violation offence. If we have learnt a lesson from COVID-19 situation, then let all road users come forward voluntarily to adopt road safety oath and also take assessment test Don't be surprised if it is being made mandatory in future.

Time to be a genius road user (by adopting road safety oath) or DND Road User (by not adpting road safety oath), choice is yours. We are issuing the advisory to genius road users to extend helping hand even to all road accident victim including DND Road User.  Time to take a quick decision, do you want to be a part of solution, or a part of problem. If you want to be a part of solution, then do adopt a road safety oath and be a genius road user through the below link.

Please click here to. adopt a road safety oath online and be a road safety superhero.




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